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My Veggie Venture I

I work up the other day and decided that the idea of eating meat was gross.  I am not going to begin preaching about cruelty or humane issues or anything like that because despite finding some practices of animal farming for human consumption abhorrent, I have been a meat eater my entire life and cook meat for my family and will possibly eat meat at some point here and there.  So for me to stand on a soapbox and denounce meat eating would be hypocritical.  I just one day really didn’t feel like meat.  I have these phases occasionally.  I generally always go back to eating meat because it has been a staple of my food life for so long.  It rounds out a meal of pasta or rice and it is the star on a plate of vegetables.  I am never going to dispute that it has an important place in human food consumption patterns, nutritionally and culturally.  I have done some research over the past year or so into vegetarianism and even veganism.  I have found out some incredible things and also ways to cook fabulous things that are unquestionably more healthy for us.  NOT because they exclude meat, but because the ingredients that they DO use are naturally more healthy and rich in variety.   Its almost health by default.

So as this phase went on for a couple of days I started to think of upping my intake of plant foods and running with it.  There are millions of non-meat foods and I could happily exist on peanut butter toast and berry smoothies.  However, that is not really ideal!  I am also trying to lose weight , which is why I refer to peanut butter toast as the ultimate comfort food, it comforts my bum with more cushioning that I don’t want…also at my age, health is first and foremost on my mind so the ultimate aim is  to eat more veggies.

Bloggers are a wealth of information and awesome tips and recipes.  Some vegan foods are incredibly easy to make and taste amazing and no one would know that they are also healthy.  Sometimes its simply the way its prefaced.  “Here have a piece of non diary, gluten free, vegan cheesecake,” is almost like saying “Here, meet little Johnny, my slow child,”. It offers too much information that causes people automatically make a judgment.  Some might associate gluten free or vegan or non diary with ‘tastes weird’ whereas others might hear cheesecake and just dive in.  In my experience though, its usually the former.

I am planning tonight’s dinner in my head right now.  I know I have lots  of veggies in my crisper and its is exciting coming up with new ways to serve them.  I need to think outside the box a little as my repertoire is roasted or stir fried and that’s about the extent of it.  I need to expand my skills and tastes to really embrace all being a vegetarian has to offer.  Trying new recipes  and vegetables and flavor combinations.  After all, that’s the fun of a new venture isn’t it?

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