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Christmas 2012; Done & Dusted


Christmas 2012 is over for another year.  I must admit, it really panned out mostly how I envisioned and I had a wonderful day with family and friends.

In the picture is my 5 year old son, with whom I started what I hope becomes a long held tradition on Christmas Eve.  We read ‘The Night Before Christmas’ together in a brief yet valuable moment.  I am always guilty of trying to fit far to much into my days, always chasing my tail and trying to accomplish far more than is possible.  It is frustrating but also pointless, so it is good to just STOP for a moment and be present in the moments that are the most important.  I am glad we took the time to read this book together, it is one of my very favourites.  It evokes the sense of a chilly winter evening and a cosy home, its occupants safely and warmly ensconced within on Christmas Eve, with the promise of a visit from Saint Nicholas present in their heads.  I love living in Australia and could not imagine living anywhere else for an extended period of time.  However the allure of experiencing a white Christmas is strong.  It’s one of those bucket list items, for lack of a better description.  I would love to be in a lovely warm home, watching snow fall outside surrounded by family and friends one Christmas.  I am not going to let anyone tell me it won’t happen.  In my opinion, there is no harm in dreaming big!

Christmas morning began at 6am with the enthusiastic cries of Merry Christmas from Mr 5.  Childhood excitement is infectious on Christmas morning so we immediately followed him to the lounge room to see what Santa had been so kind as to deliver overnight.

It seems Santa may have read my post on Dollars and Sense this Christmas and bought Mr 5 only a small selection of toys:) Santa will be pleased to know that Mr 5 was extremely happy and affirmed that quality and thoughtfulness trumps quantity every time.

We then trekked off to a lunch with family.  Christmas is always a day that we all make sure we get together because there are three groups of us that  live some distance apart.  Cousins get to see each other for the first time in months, adult siblings joke and reminisce like no time has passed.  More treasured moments that I am thankful for.  We shared a lovely lunch outside in the sunshine, buffered by a cool breeze, whilst children jumped on the trampoline and played with their presents.  Simple, relaxed times.

We arrived home in the early evening and prepared for our own guests, dear friends of ours that we see all the time and over recent years have taken to spending Christmas evening with.  More traditions:)

My friends embraced my desire for an authentic Christmas, giving me inexpensive but amazing gifts that really captured the true spirit of giving and thoughtfulness and proved that you don’t necessarily need to be creative or imaginative, you simply need to be thoughtful.  My best friend had printed and mounted my first published articles and wrapped them in tissue paper in a box along with some inspirational quotes.  It was the best gift I had ever received, it reflected how much she knew me and how much she understood things that were important to me.

To those who are reading this, I hope your Christmas was just as fulfilling as mine.  I hope you embraced each other and took the time out to just enjoy those around you.

Merry Christmas!

Kimmy xox



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