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Resisting the urge to make New Year’s Resolutions

Happy 2013!! I rang in the new year with the same treasured friends I spent Christmas night with, over food drinks and the sound of hundreds of would be pyro experts setting off fireworks around the local suburbia.  Somewhat scary, terrifying for our dog but the allure of watching makes me momentarily forget those drawbacks.  There is something unarguably magical about fireworks bursting in the sky.

I have in planning mode since Christmas finished.  I am a veracious planner.  I love making lists of things to do, goals to achieve, changes I would like to make, routines I would like to commit to.  I always revelled in the sense of achievement and found comfort in having plans to follow.  I only realised recently that I rarely accomplish the many tasks on my lists.  I am so caught up in the planning and the sense of calm that it brings to have everything planned out that I don’t really ever reach the execution phase.  Ever heard the saying; ‘Life is just what happens when we are busy making plans’ ?  It is true.  My life has flown by, my wonderfully full, exciting life, however I have not always lived it the way I want; the way the plans that I so studiously commit to paper on January 1st every year intend that I should.

So this year, I am not going to sit down for hours making lists of the various things I want to achieve in 2013.  I am going to seek my sense of accomplishment from the actual doing and simply strive to do what makes me happy and is best for me.  If I keep those two parameters top of mind, I believe I will accomplish so much more.  I believe that if I strive to act, rather than plan and live with the intent to follow a path that nurtures me, I won’t need plans or lists, I will learn what resonates with me and live each day in a way that truly fulfils me.

Of course this all sounds very flowery and easy-for-me-to-say.  I am not for one moment suggesting that goal setting is not important to achievement.  I am also not saying that planning is not important.  I am saying that sometimes we need to distinguish between the faux planning of making lists and setting unrealistic ideals, from the true planning that involves steps to achieve what is on the list and the real intention of reaching that goal someday.

I have goals for this year.  I have many things I want to achieve.  I have many habits I want to break and many I would like to form.  I am not going to be able to do this by writing it all down on a list that I will, in all honesty, misplace by February.  My only resolution is to resolve to always be acting in a way that is best for me and live each day with my larger goals clear in my mind.  I believe things will happen through the simplicity of life itself.  Enjoy your New Year!

Kimmy xox

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