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My Veggie Venture II

I must report that since My Veggie Venture I, I did in fact go back to eating meat occasionally.  Which I predicted would be the case.   However most of the time I felt like I wasn’t doing what I really wanted.  I felt like I was eating meat out of convenience, because I was  cooking dinner for my family of omnivores, although with their collective refusal to eat more than a carrot I could feasibly label them carnivores.  I truly felt like I was eating meat out of habit because it is something that is so culturally ingrained in my family and everyone we know virtually.  My family was raised that way, I was raised that way.  We have 3 vegetarians in our family and even though they are accommodated, when food preparation occurs they are almost spoken of as an inconvenience to cater to.  ‘Oh yeah, they don’t eat meat.  Ugh well this platter of pork is delicious, what a shame!’ Please note I am paraphrasing:)

On New Year’s Eve we were attending a BBQ with our friends.  I called my bestie up and said; “I’m off meat again,” her response was; “Well good luck, I don’t know what you are going to eat then!” Love her:)  She says things like that but would have cooked me something especially if I had asked her.  She is also aware that I can go through phases and some things don’t last!  When presented with the array of beautifully cooked burgers and chicken wings, kebabs and steaks, the central focus of the meal, I ate some potato salad and a salad sandwich.  I was satisfied.  I also knew that from then on, I wouldn’t want for meat again.  It doesn’t make me feel good inside.  I feel digestively weighed down by it.

So, one week on, I am tentatively classing myself as a vegetarian.  I would like to eventually be vegan, however I covet dairy milk in my coffee and parmesan cheese in my pesto a little too much to give that up yet.   I am actively cooking vegan when possible though and in just a week I am feeling so much better within myself.  I am not as tired, have more energy and my skin is clearing up.  I have eaten a delicious variety of food and preparing my meals in so much faster than preparing meals for the rest of the family.   I have been having loads of fun trawling the internet for new recipes and ingredients  which I will detail in another post.  I can’t wait to share the amazing foods and experiences that this new phase of my life brings!

Kimmy x0x

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