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A Blog post about my Blog

For all those wonderful people who visit this page regularly, you may have been shocked to discover that the pink is gone and the entire format is different.  I apologise for not preparing you for the massive changes:)

I have spent quite a bit of time reviewing the initial theme that I started my Blog with, back in October.  At the time I considered it perfect.  I love pink.  Perhaps a little too much.  My first question when shopping for clothes is; “Does it come in black?”.  For the slimming factor, you see.  My first question about everything else is; “Does it come in pink?”.

I also love flowers.  I am a frills and ruffles girly girl.  Ahem, well, woman, I guess.  

So, a theme of pink with flowers seemed very apt for my Blog.

Recently, I started to feel that I had outgrown the pink with flowers.  As I shared and wrote more and more from within my self and committed to naked honesty with my Blogging, I found that the pink with flowers was a superficial theme.  It revealed nothing about the real me.  I felt like I was hiding behind a generic theme that was pretty, but not much else.  Which was not my intention.  The theme was representative of something I liked, rather than who I was.  If my Blog theme was simply to represent things that I like then a header featuring Matt Bomer holding a never-ending cup of coffee with an audio loop of Livin’ on a Prayer would suffice.  

I am nothing if not indecisive.  I have been planning this change for some time and spent hours previewing many themes.  Nothing really fit.  Nothing accurately felt like it would open a door to my life, for the world to come in and see me for who I am, in all my imperfect, messed up and crazily optimistic, daydreaming glory.

In the end, I got tough.  It could either continue to hide behind my superficial face that really revealed nothing about who I am, or pick a theme that let the world see the real me.  So I went ultra simple.  Now, you can see who Kimmy is.  You can put a face to my words.  I can now stand up and be proud that my Blog is now as it was intended to be.  Me, showing the world who I am.



Kimmy xox

One comment on “A Blog post about my Blog

  1. Gwen
    February 22, 2013

    I love the new look! I hope you’re happy with it, too. I also change my blog’s theme a couple months in, and I regularly move the widgets around, always seeking the perfect “feel.” You just have to go with your gut.

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