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My run-down of the 2013 Oscars – from a couch in suburban Melbourne.

As an aspiring writer, I thought I might put on a critic’s hat today and write my own little opinion piece about the 2013 Oscar’s.  I must admit to caring far less about the films involved that I do about the red carpet fashion! Shameful I know, considering one of my greatest ambitions is to write a screenplay!   So for something a little different than usual I present:

Kimmy’s Amateur Oscar Round Up


Seth McFarlane.  People can accuse him of being offensive all they like, the bottom line is, the Oscar hosting gig is the hardest in the world to get right.  Every year the host is lauded by some for their edgy and inappropriate jokes, every year the same host is canned for the same thing.  Every year the host is guilty of ‘pushing the envelope’ to the point where their material is scrutinised more than the couture fabric on the red carpet.  Get over it, move on. Jokes in poor taste are de-rigueur for the Oscar host.  The ‘boob’ song? low-brow yes, offensive? no.

There seems to be an alarming trend of actresses being eaten by their couture.  Here, here and here, ravenous fabric can be seen devouring petite actresses.

I defy anybody to look at Quvenzhane Wallis and not melt! This little nine year old Best Actress Nominee has got to be the most adorable attendee I have ever seen and certainly made the red carpet look all the more dazzling!

I noticed a trend toward more demure couture this year.  Long sleeves were more prevalent than I would have thought, unfortunately with the length of the gowns, this made some starlets look almost Little House on The Prairie-ish.  Sally Field for example, looked stunning in red and is ageing with fabulous grace, still rocking it with the best of them on the red carpet.  However, the length of her copious skirt  seemed to weigh her down and her petite form seemed to be drowning in fabric.  Zooey Deschanel seemed to be shooting for pretty but looks like she arrived in a covered wagon.   Jennifer Hudson, Miranda Kerr and Emily Mortimer wore their long sleeves with style.

Some of the actresses who opted for a more exposed look seemed out of place amongst the trend for long sleeved, cleavage controlling  gowns and elegant femininity.  Samantha Barks wore her look with edgy confidence but, in contrast with the trend, her look seemed a little over exposed. Charlize Theron on the other hand, went minimal and strapless, wearing it with a classic elegance that only she can.

Halle Berry and Naomi Watts, both inarguably gorgeous, seemed to resemble the coveted gold statuette with their divine forms and perfectly tailored couture.

I thought this look from Octavia Spencer was gorgeous.  I loved her dress and it flattered her without engulfing her in fabric.  She was one of the stand outs on the red carpet for me.

Melissa McCarthy. I was so disappointed with her choice of dress.  She is a gorgeous woman and so proud of herself for who she is and this drab grey number made her look like she was trying to hide.  I got a sense that she was uncomfortable as well and knew that her look wasn’t allowing her fun and sparkly personality to shine through.  In her defence, I imagine Hollywood might be a hard place to find plus size couture that is truly made with a larger figure in mind.  Accentuating a fuller figure is an art form and this dress should inspire more designers to step up to the challenge for next year.

Helena Bonham-Carter….appears to have fought her way out of a paper bag…backwards…

George Clooney; The ‘Lincoln’ set department want their beard back.

Is it just me, or did anyone else feel kind of awkward that Kristen Stewart was paired with a thin, dark haired British boy to present an award?

I kind of missed Angelina’s Right Leg.

Finally, Anne Hathaway’s Nipples have taken the world by storm and even have their own Twitter account!  I am actually a little miffed that they have more followers than I do.  However, I guess nipples are quite popular, as a rule.  I do believe that the public has been swindled though.  I propose that Anne Hathaway’s nips are possibly not as jaunty as they appeared to be.  She is likely the victim of some suggestive fabric darts.

What? Who won? Ummmm…

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