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Raising Awareness

A dear friend of mine asked me to Blog about some of the causes that she supports passionately.  Actually, to call her a dear friend is not really accurate.  She is my bestie’s older sister, and like a big sister to me as well.  In their family, I am affectionately (usually, anyway) known as the ‘third sister’.  I replied that I would be happy to write about anything she wanted, after all I could write underwater!  My concern was that I would not do enough toward her cause simply by Blogging about it once.  Some of the things she wants to educate people about and effect change within, are large causes that require massive changes across social attitudes and Governmental legislation.  How can my little Blog in my little corner of the world, possibly contribute anything of value to effecting such change?  When I expressed this to her, she smiled at me in a very big sisterly way and said; Raise Awareness.  That’s it.  My brain was spinning in a million different directions and wondering how to fight injustice and right wrongs with my laptop and my pending avalanche of unspoken words and she managed to simplify the complication to one simple starting point.  Raise Awareness.


So I started brainstorming with my trusty pen and paper, for the very beginning of all great ideas start with the handwritten jottings of my errant thoughts and musings.  I realised that if the strategy to effect change is to raise awareness through education and information, I had a few of my own things that I wanted to shout from the rooftops about  raise awareness about.  Since my little piece of bandwidth that my teeny tiny Blog occupies is mine to do with as I wish, I realised I have a forum to Raise Awareness with.  It might be small and it might be a mere pixel in the Blogosphere but its out there for the world.  It’s a start. It is infinitely better than moaning about global shortcomings and injustices over dinner with friends and wishing someone would do something about (insert worthy cause/social injustice/issue here).  As someone who truly believes that the best  life choices and decisions are made when one is fully informed, I am happy to embrace the concept of Raising Awareness, for things that mean something to me and other people.

I have set myself the goal of one Raising Awareness post a week.  This week, will be on the issue of Puppy Factories, a cause as per my ‘sister’s’ request.  It will be up in a couple of days.

Kimmy xox

I am welcoming suggestions for my Raising Awareness posts.  I already have a long list, however I would like to learn about the causes and issues that my readers are aligned with or feel strongly about.  Feel free to comment with a suggestion!

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