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Learning To Write

I have discovered that even though I can write, I know very little about the nuts and bolts of it.  To be honest I didn’t think there was such an extensive learning curve behind the scenes.  I naively assumed that being able to write was enough.  I expected that anything I wrote could be improved by critical evaluation of someone like an editor or professional, more experienced writer.  I still thought that underneath all of that, my words were enough.

I have realized that I have a lot to learn.


I believe the reason that I am struggling at times to write anything that is strong, powerful and meaningful is the fact that I lack the finer points and knowledge of writing structure.  I have discovered that sitting down and just writing only goes so far without the strong foundation of theoretical knowledge to support the words, to take them to a level that makes them more than simply words on a page.

I credit a great deal of this realization to Gwen Stephens of the wonderfully educative aspiring writer’s Blog The 4am Writer.  Each week she produces a Blog post on something that involves the learning that goes on behind the scenes in her journey toward becoming a published writer.  Its helpful, informative and Gwen is down to earth and honest.

It has made me realize that even though I love to write, have always written and can string a sentence or two together; that I need to learn so much more and also practice so much more.  I have realized that jumping off the cliff was more to do with craving change and needing to have other needs in my life fulfilled.  Writing is still my passion.  But it’s too early in the journey to be considering anything ‘big’.  The big accomplishments are still dreams, beautiful vivid escapism that fuels my desire to make the most of this time, to cram the past twenty years of dithering and disjointed ambition into the present to really achieve something before I turn 40.  I have to walk before I can run.  This is hard for someone as impatient as I am to accept.

So what does all this equate to?  I need to stop being impulsive and thinking that I can conquer the world in a day.  I need to place my goals and dreams in perspective and carve out a path that is mine to follow.  I need to stop hoping that things will fall into place and stop mistaking my head full of ideas with real effort.  I need to block out the ticking clock and set some realistic, achievable goals that are stepping stones to progress.  Stay tuned:)

Kimmy xox

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3 comments on “Learning To Write

  1. Hi lovey. I agree with some things but I disagree with others. Education and practice is great but you CAN already write. You can already be considering something “big” but like you say, it takes conscious effort and focus… as well as patience. But just don’t lose the unwavering faith because there is a lot to be said for that and the universe has an incredible way of bringing in what we desire when we pair that up with focus and faith. xx

  2. Sanya
    July 13, 2013

    I think the words you string together are wonderful, I sit and read your blog and think how clever you are!! Your time and turn will come……you just need to be patient!!! X

  3. Gwen
    July 14, 2013

    You already are a good writer, Kim! I also admire your admission that you have a lot to learn and the need to start small, and I agree whole-heartedly. I like to think of writing as a journey rather than a destination. Even the published “greats” don’t sit down a crank out a best seller. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes that we, the unsuspecting readers, never see. We don’t know how many plot changes, drafts, revisions, and edits go into the final product. Learning the fine points of this art is something we do along the way, and taking those baby steps, every day, one day at a time, will help us improve. Looking forward to reading more! xo

    And btw – thank you for the lovely, unexpected shout out!

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