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Self-discovery is a gift I give to myself

I am introspective. I am introspective to a fault.  I spend a lot of time in my own head thinking, thinking and thinking.  About whom I am, where I am going, my goals, my values, my life.  I do enjoy being the complicated and whirlwind person that I am.  Sometime though, it feels like I am on a merry go round that will not stop spinning for long enough to let me sit a while and enjoy the view.  I seem to always be travelling around in circles and never making forward progress.  The circling is fun and passes the time but its not as exhilarating as moving forward.

The more I learn about myself though, the more I learn about the road blocks I put in front of my own momentum.  I have been known to get everyone on board a project with my enthusiasm only to have second thoughts about the idea and talk myself out of it.  Or ideas.  I have a headful of ideas but there are just so many that they become tangled and obscured, never leaving my head because they don’t have any executable plan of action to accompany them.

The positive of this is that I am aware of my own self sabotages and subconscious attempts to thwart my own progress.  That’s why I appreciate that I do know myself so well.  So when I wandered into a quirky little shop over the weekend in a touristy beachside town and spotted a notebook (being a writer I am a sucker for a notebook, every time) called Art, Doodle, Love my interest was piqued.  I displayed my profound immaturity by covering the word Art with my hand and showing my friends that the book was now called ‘Doodle Love’. The shopkeeper was not impressed by all the giggling in her very quiet store, however I also purchased an obscenely priced French body lotion so she will get over it, I am sure.

Anyhoo, this notebook is special.  It isn’t lined or plain inside, instead  it is full of prompts for a journey of  creative self discovery.   Pages with suggestions such as ‘I see, I hear, I feel ‘ as a starting point, in beautiful hues of understated pastels and dreamy water colours, the pages are like a treasure hunt for the soul.  I fell in love whilst flicking through it.  What a perfect way to reconnect with my creative side, the side that gets so dizzy and lost amongst the incessant merry go round of my busy mind.  I look forward to making myself slow down and letting the creative side of me hop down from the merry go round for a while, free to simply indulge in a little self discovery and fill the pages with the vibrant colours and stories from my imagination.

Kimmy xox


Art Doodle Love is available here.

This post is not sponsored in any way shape or form.  I simply wanted to share my find with you all.  Although it would be nice to receive a kickback from The Book Depository…. 

One comment on “Self-discovery is a gift I give to myself

  1. Juni Desireé
    September 9, 2013

    I can so relate to the whole introspective thing and going round in circles. Love that notebook. I would so get that!

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